Darren Appiagyei

Photo taken by Jamie Trounce at Cockpit Open Studios 


Inthegrain is underpinned by a deep love for and fascination with wood in its rawest form. Established by Darren Appiagyei in 2017, Inthegrain embraces the opportunity for each piece’s finished result to be informed and dictated by its natural imperfections; be their cracks, knots or lack of symmetry

As a designer maker, Darren Appiagyei has a passion filled with discovering and exploring new woods. Inthegrain is highly inspired by Ghanaian wood carving the rawness and the exploration of texture.

Darren is an alumni of Camberwell College of Arts and an awardee of the The Cockpit Arts/Worshipful tuners Company 2017.which he is currently based . In 2019 he was selected for the Craft Council Hothouse Programme.

Select group shows include New Ashgate Gallery Diaspora exhibition (2019); Cluster Craft fair (2019); Belevere Gallery 12th Annual Graduate show (2019);New designers one year in (2018).

Darren has also been featured in the Crafts Magazine most talented graduates (2018); Hole and Corner online one’s to watch in New designer’s first week (2018)